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House icon awards
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Welcome to houseawards. This community was inspired by alias_awards, hp_awards and gg_awards. There are many fantastic House icons out there which are just sitting in people's journals, not really being appreciated properly, so why not nominate them and help them to get awards?!

Here are the categories to nominate in:

Paternity - Icons featuring House//Only house can be in the icons
Occam's razor - Best use of colour icons
The Socratic Method - Funny icons
Sex Kills - Ships/Couples icons
Sports Medicine - Animated icons
Role model - Actor/Actress icons
Autopsy - Icons featuring anyone but House or the Duckings
Need to know - Best cropped icons
Clueless - Duckling icons/Icons only featuring all: Foreman, Cameron and Chase
Deception - Textless icons/bases
Honeymoon - Best emotional icons//the characters showing emotion
Spin - Icons where characters are not in the hospital
All in - complicated icons//icons with lots of textures and brush detail which look 'complicated'.
Control- icons with black and white in them.
Daddy’s boy – Weekly special (This week's special category is People at other people's houses.)

• There are 15 categories to nominate in and the weekly special will be mentioned before nominations begin every week.
• In each nominating post you make you must nominate at least 3 different icon makers.
• You may only nominate 3 of your own icons each week (you have to have 3 other icon makes as well as yours in your nominating post).
• You are allowed to nominate up to 20 icons per week.
• The icons you nominate must reach the standard LJ requirements, so they must be 100x100 or anything smaller and must be under 40kb.
• When voting, please do not vote for your own icons.
• You may vote and not nominate and vice-versa.
• Do not hotlink the icons you nominate, please upload them to your own server.
• Try to tell the icon maker which you are nominating that you are nominating their icons; they deserve to know, after all.
• Please avoid nominating icons which have one in a category in the past.

Monday – Friday: Nominate the icons!
Friday night: Voting will go up.
Sunday night: Results will go up.

Banners for winners:
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Feel like being nice? PIMP the community! Remember that the more people that join, the more your icons could be nominated.